• Today: June 18, 2024


GreenVoice bd is an environmental organization based in Bangladesh. Our mission is to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about environmental issues in the country.

You can get involved with GreenVoice bd by donating, volunteering, or participating in our events and campaigns. You can also follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our activities.

You can make a donation to GreenVoice bd through our website. Simply click on the "Donate" button and follow the instructions to make a secure online donation.

GreenVoice bd organizes a variety of events, such as tree-planting drives, beach clean-ups, and environmental awareness campaigns. We also participate in larger events such as Earth Day and World Environment Day.

GreenVoice bd uses donations to fund our projects and campaigns aimed at promoting sustainable practices and protecting the environment. We are committed to transparency and accountability and provide regular updates on how donations are being used.

Yes, we welcome volunteers who are passionate about the environment and want to make a positive impact. You can apply to volunteer through our website or by emailing us.

You can stay up-to-date with GreenVoice bd's activities by following us on social media, subscribing to our newsletter, or checking our website regularly for updates.