• Today: July 12, 2024

Green Voice, CU branch receive 'Environment Award'

12 July, 2024

Debaters of Chittagong University, supported by World Vision Bangladesh and the Department of Environment (Chittagong Region), organized an event titled "World Vision presents DIU Jaguk Tarunno, Bachuk Poribesh" to honor Green Voice and Green Voice CU branch on June 18. The event was held as part of a gathering organized by the Social Science Department of Chittagong University, where the University of Chittagong Vice-Chancellor, Professor Benu Kumar De, Dean of the Social Science Department, Professor Dr. Siraj Udd Daulah, Joni Rozario, Sayedul Islam Sarkar, Dr. Alka Rai, and Dr. Moshraka Aditi Haque were present as guests.

It is worth mentioning that Green Voice is an independent voluntary organization of environmentally conscious students and youth. Being the first environmental organization in Bangladesh, this organization is working throughout the country to protect the environment, increase public awareness, and take effective steps. It is our movement for humanity against environmental pollution, deforestation, water pollution, biodiversity loss, land degradation, encroachment of rivers, canals, and ponds, and contamination of food. Encouraging the youth to protect the environment, building an environmentally conscious young society, promoting sustainable development, and working towards environment-friendly nation-building are the goals of our movement. Although Green Voice was established in 2005, it has been working at Chittagong University since 2019, contributing to a significant youth movement.